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This story begins with a message from the past by two last humans’ hybrids. Bring the beginning of the paradox. The two humans are following orders from and advance alien race. In hopes sends a message to a far-off world in another timeline. The scientists of Alpha prime use all their technology to reach the Ring galaxy. That promises to bring prosperity to the hungry worlds of Alpha prime.  They set out with three ships from different corporations. Each group have their own agenda which cause a disaster.

Only Mrs. Nightshade knows the truth about what dangers live in this Ring galaxy. She becomes obsess to save humans. Humankind falls to its own demise of greed, hungry to dominant weaker beings developing clones and cyborgs. In hopes, to build the first colony on earth type planets.  She knows the creatures there are more powerful. She attempts to intervene, only to bring more danger to alpha prime. By a dark force more deadly than anything that a human can imagine.

Few allies with telepathic minds see the new danger, although, they are spread through time and space in great cosmos. Start the long process to free the humans and other races from its evil captors. They know the dangers of altering time and try to slowly integrate into humanity through their DNA. Uses Ancient earth bring out the first human hybrid to eventually battle the dark force at the final battle.

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About the Author

I was born in Lachine Quebec Canada in July 1952. The last child of two sisters and two brothers. Over the years I develop a good imagination towards role playing and writing short stories. Has I grown older I read many comic books of superheroes and wild adventure. That fuel my hungry to write short stories and poetry. I kept my writings to myself, and it turns into a hobby for many years, I once at 14 I entertain a large group of children, who became excited about one I made up on the fly. Several parents ask me to write down this adventure, which they want to retell my story to their children at home.

The years pass by high school, college and join the workforce, got married and a little girl. I made a habit of bedtime stories to my daughter. She always wants her name in the story itself has a princess.  I start telling about the first dragon eye chronicles that last hour has she fell asleep.  My daughter loves it so much it became a classic that turn into a different adventure every night. My wife suggests to me start to write down all the adventure, so my daughter could pass it on to her children. For five years I did this out of love for my child. Time went on of course children grow up and I stop writing for years. Then a coworker found out about the stories ask to read one. He enjoys the short story and convince me to write a book.

It took five years and several rewrites to bring Dragon Eye Chronicles Book one story of the many, book two Time Quake. The final book three Generations is under rewrite for the time being. I must say with a happy heart enjoy the adventure.

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